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What we are seeing ?

New community developments and business precincts are emerging across Queensland to meet rapid demographic changes. 

Innovation Hubs in Brisbane, Springfield, Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast are laying down  the platform for  startup cultures to thrive.

KPMG, reporting in 2019 about the Sunshine Coast, commented that “the U.S. trend of footloose business gravitating to lifestyle and smart cities like Miami, Phoenix and Portland surfaces in the Sunshine Coast”.

A similar view can be expressed about Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Moreton Bay region and Springfield.

A key insight however, is to recognize that as high speed rail ultimately links these regions, the economic growth they share will be aggregated in a way that geographically disparate cities in the U.S could not replicate.

North Queensland, with both coal and gas projects coming on line in 2019, is set to see economic growth to match its southern counterparts. 

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